Additional requirements, various improvements and new features in the dashboard

In the last article on the newly created report, its information outputs and findings were mentioned. There are, of course, more of them, but they are specific to the needs of the individuals who use this report.

On the contrary, this short blog will describe a modification of this original report, to which various new functions have been added, its appearance has changed and similar data (datasets) have been added, supplemented by a longer period of time (2015 – 2019). Specifically, this report is linked to seven datasets and is tuned for maximum performance. The given report can display the current school resp. academic year and five years back. This complex of datasets serves to identify the development and trend of registered resp. enrolled high school students at academies or faculties of universities.

When you look at the modified report, you can see the change in the colors used, which are more friendly and can better display the additional functions offered. A left column has been added to the entire report to allow the user to select additional filters from the pop-up menu (top button) that apply to his specific display requirements for IT faculties or schools and a question mark logo to display help to better understand the reports and their meaning (see picture). Last but not least, there is also the logo of the IT community and our company, which are active, and therefore the user can more easily get to the relevant page, e.g. in order to get to know these teams and their activities better.

Note: The bubbles indicate hints about what each visual means.

The second part of the report specializes exclusively in the Žilina region, and thus all filters, indicators and visualizations are selected only for cities and schools in this municipality. These specific visuals are supplemented by datasets from previous years, when they can better show the development of attractiveness or some demand for individual faculties of the University of Žilina. From this visual it is possible to e.g. find out that the Faculty of Management and Informatics has doubled the number of enrolled students. Here it is appropriate to ask why it happened, how it happened and what other faculties can take from this case as their best practice. The same applies to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, etc. The purpose of this activity is to provide clear visuals to the relevant faculties so that they can help each other, to improve their activities towards students, but at the same time to be “competitors” who move forward with each other.

The main goal of these adjustments was to increase the user’s interactivity with the report, improve the UI and make the most of the available data, which will serve to better orientate oneself in the user’s various situations.

IT kraj a Team Accencis

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