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We created a dashboard on the study in Slovakia

There is a lot of talk about how we need to make the right decisions and evaluate the data or information we have at our disposal. There is a way to do this, unless we have at least a basic overview of the real state and functioning of processes in the company, institution or e.g. state?

Data is here! They just need to be found and processed.

Data is collected from different sources and stored in different places. This is often a problem. That is why it is necessary to have an overview of what is located so that some data is not lost in large databases. We have managed to create this with the help of our partners and willing people who want to move processes forward.


Obtain a database on the submission of applications by students (2020/2021) of secondary schools to universities and visualize it in a reporting tool so that these data can be used in the decision-making process of users (public institutions, private legal entities).


With the help of friendly and willing CVTI employees and on the basis of cooperation with the IT Region, we managed to obtain and process data on secondary and higher education institutions in Slovakia. These talk about the specific high schools from which students are admitted and enrolled in which specific universities or. faculties at universities in Slovakia.

The provided data had to be modified first in the reporting tool, as it was necessary to connect and define the relationships between the variables so that they could also communicate the selected logical variables in filters and visualizations. Additional filters were also the city of the high school and the abbreviation of the university. For completeness and to better illustrate some of the relationships, we have chosen a tabular visual in the last part, which clarifies the data.

The figure shows the main page of the report.


  • Approximately 50% of high school students decide to go to university immediately after graduation.
  • The average success rate of university faculties in attracting students who want to study is 72%.
  • On average, 66% of grammar school students decide which school or faculty will go.

In the TOP 10 secondary schools in the area of ​​the number of students admitted to universities is:

  • 7 out of 10 schools in which students want to continue their studies are grammar schools.
  • 10 out of 10 schools from which students want to study technical fields are secondary vocational or industrial schools.
  • 7 out of 10 schools from which students want to study management or economics are business academies.

High school students report to the most:

  • Faculty of Law, Charles University,
  • Faculty of Science, Charles University,
  • Faculty of Arts, Charles University,
  • Faculty of Medicine, Charles University,
  • UPJŠ Faculty of Medicine,
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics TUKE,
  • UPJŠ Faculty of Arts,
  • Faculty of Business Management EU,
  • Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Charles University,
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics STU.

Záver, súvislosti a odporúčania

The report shows the absolute values of students admitted and enrolled in universities and does not capture the further success of the continuation of these students at specific faculties or other facts.

Most students continue their studies from grammar schools, but another phenomenon is that these students do not have a clear preference about where they would like to go after graduation. This may reflect several factors that affect them. It can be, for example:

  • insufficient communication and presentation of information about faculties on the web,
  • insufficient proactivity or inappropriate combination of marketing communication tools of faculties at university fairs, promo videos, etc.,
  • insufficient vocational training and courses for pupils at secondary schools,
  • indecision of the individual with regard to various external factors (classmates, friendships, other patterns, different preference of individual needs, …),
  • business companies or faculties carry out activities that are not interconnected and supported,
    many others.

Companies are aware of the need and know that if they want to be long-term business and social active, they must have qualified staff. This fact also reflects the fact that they try to attract high school students to selected faculties in order to maintain contact with students and develop their talents. Subsequently, they know how to employ and keep them in the region. Mutual support is necessary and therefore in Accencis we believe that these reports will also serve to support cooperation between public institutions and companies in order to create added value of practice in universities, as well as systematic education of personalities and successors in various positions in companies.

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