What do we offer?

E-commerce & App analytics

We set, integrate and manage Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or Hotjar accounts. Get the most from your web or app and track your conversions, goals, customer funnels or define your audience.

Data & analytical audit

If you feel wrong about your Google accounts settings, we check the performance  and obstacles associated with your Google Ads campaigns and measurements using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics on your web or app. It offers recommendations of elimination of deficiencies and insight about bad tool settings.

Data-driven decision strategy

Procure your team with a single information source of your users behavior which will enable your teams deliver relevant and consistent outputs without additional recalculations. Also you can decrease risk and racionalize your decisions. You are no longer slave of predefined reports and opinions that may not see the context. We create tailor-made dashboards, which will ensure this. The strategy can define your valued audiences and their flow on your web or app, point at your loyal customers to create more fit offers or better understand your users requirements on product or service.

From thinking to action


Make connection

Contact us or choose your package to set your improvements and step ahead. We look forward to meeting you.

Consult together

We find out what have to be done, what are the goals, expectations and stakeholders to satisfied.

Set data flow

We will implement or edit needed analytical tool and create dashboards or databases, that can be relevant information source for your confident decisions.

Be data-driven

Data analysis encourage employees to think critically. Than you can make confident decisions, increase ROI and decrease costs.

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